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Well, it has been a while since I have had time to compose an entry. my life has been rather hectic as of late.I'm having a hard time juggling work and school.I haven't attended te last two morning classes in favor of more sleep. my body is completely wearing thin.I'm running a cash register by myself which I suppose is good other then the fact I still have to go slow and have my share of annoying mess ups. I can barely stand by the time I get off work and even then my feet are constantly hurting. I need to buy better shoes right now i'm wearing my pink and black air walks that I bought when I was working at albertsons. I NEED to get shoes with good support. Crista told me gel inserts will help out a great deal. I think the mostnerve racking momment is when my register froze. I swear I was choking back tears.

My first ever walmart paycheck is damn near spent that is except for four dollars. I was only paid for one days worth of work because I started work the day before pay period ended. I bought a black shirt with a green glow and the dark skull on it, a long sleeve shirt with glittery spiderwebs that said fright night over the leftchest area, a purple eye shadow quad, and a black glittery "eye gloss", plus a new hair cut. That's right kiddos a new haircut. I will more then likely post pictures of it soon as it is hard to discribe. It's a slanted bob which means it's shorter in the black and slants down so that the3 hair in front is longer and I now have Bangs! They are very reminecent of miss bettie's bangs but have more of a V shape to them.

I get paid a week after next and this pay check should be larger then the last.. I plan on ge3tting a new phone and also a tattoo. along with some rashins and such. All I need to do for the phone is put down the deposit which is only 150. I'm also looking to get my bat tattoo when I get paid. It's goingto be a black three to four inch bat with a 138 inside of it with red ink.Well, I'm getting drowsy again so I'm gonna end it here
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On October 7th, 2006 03:11 am (UTC), chorazin commented:
I certainly agree with your friend that gel inserts will help, when I worked on my feet all the time I used those to great effect.

Thanks for adding me as a friend, you seem to be pretty cool. Keep journaling!
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